Invest in People

Cost cut-backs, budget restraints, blah, blah, blah. Seems like everyone has had to be frugal in the last couple of years (except for the U.S. government – go figure.) Most of us have had a refresher course in what’s essential and what’s not.

As a speaker, I can tell you that meeting budgets have been cut from corporate giants like Cisco to the smaller state associations. And the results tell a story. Skype meetings and webinars don’t equate to real time spent in conversation. If you don’t believe me, ask your team.

Is hearing music on your iPod the same experience as hearing a live performance?  Uh, no!
Is watching a sports event on TV the same experience as sitting in the stadium and feeling the energy of thousands of passionate fans? I don’t think so.

The workshops and keynotes at conferences are important but it’s the harder- to-measure connections  made in hallways, lines and restaurants that are vital to the knitting of relationships. The cost of not investing in building relationships is devastating.  Social media has enhanced our ability to connect, but high tech will never replace high touch.

In last week’s State of the Union  address, President Obama called for more spending on technology. The statisticians who carefully look for signs of life in our endangered economy are saying that expenditures by businesses on technology upgrades are an encouraging sign.

That’s all well and good, but businesses are not built by money. They’re built by people. And let’s not ever forget it.

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