Lessons from a Flag

This week, someone stole the American flag we proudly fly at our gate. Apparently, the thief made it through the class on patriotism but skipped the one on integrity. The timing is interesting, as I’ve been writing on the “character quotient”, a critical element of leadership that seems to have been in short supply in the many organizations that contributed to the economic debacle of the last few years.

Character is the starting point of personal leadership, which makes up the fiber of our communities and the backbone of our nation. As we rebuild from the financial hurricane that has destroyed much of the familiar landscape, we’d better be mindful to use the right materials in the new foundation.

I’ve read that one of the contributing factors in the devastation in Haiti from the earthquake of 2010 was weak concrete. The formula is weakened by using sea water, resulting in weakened foundations and structures. It’s always wise to look back long enough to learn something.

We’d better understand the critical nature of character in building a strong foundation for success. The key to attracting the right people to any organization is not complicated. You magnetize what you project.

Modeling integrity, respect, consideration and a strong work ethic is as important to the future of our economy as the interest rates.

True greatness comes when you’re trusted. ~ Teddy Roosevelt

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3 Comments on “Lessons from a Flag”

  1. Monica Allmond Says:

    I totally agree w/you Beverly! Character is the foundation for leadership as well as other aspects of life. If character is not exhibited how will young people know what it looks like. Our society as a whole is missing integrity!

  2. Debbie Says:

    You said it!!! Let us be sure to have truth in the inward parts. When God shows me where I don’t, it breaks my heart because I thought I was ok. Glad he doesn’t correct us all at once!!!

  3. Larry Tyler Says:

    Beverly – as always you drill down to the very essence of the matter – “Character is the foundation of personal leadership”. Thanks for this reminder and central point of our individual lives, corporate lives and for nations. During this recession, people are doing whatever is at their core, we all see, hear and witness this daily. Thanks for this reminder and for your focus and staying the course and being a light to follow.

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