Get the Picture

Write the vision, And make it plain…that he may run who reads it.
Hab. 2:2

Do you really “get” the importance of writing your vision and goals down? Have you done it? When was the last time you looked at them? It matters, believe me.

I reconnected recently with a client from a good while back. She told me, “A short time ago I was cleaning out a drawer and found the worksheets on goals that I completed in your workshops. I had attended more than one session so there were several pages. To my astonishment, every single thing I had written has come true over the last ten years – even though I had not looked at those papers in years. I must have internalized them along the way.”

The power of writing the vision.

My friend Shelly tells the story of how it is that she travels so much. “I caught the travel bug from my grandpa when I was about ten years old. I started pilfering the Travel section of the Chicago Tribune on Sunday afternoons. I’d take it to my room, close the door softly, and grab my scissors and tape.

Rome…St. Barts…Puerto Rico…Switzerland on $10 a Day

The headlines grabbed my attention, not so much for the content, but for the place names. I would carefully cut out the name of each place that sounded romantic, mysterious, or intriguing—places I wanted to visit someday—and then I’d tape the names of these places to the back of my door. By the time I graduated from high school, the back of my door was completely covered. Since then I have seen a lot of those places—St. Barts, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland, even—and we have made family memories to last a lifetime.”

Do you see it? Write it down. There are multitudes of studies explaining how the brain works –   neuro-transmittters, connections between the right brain and left brain –  I could make this really technical. But the fact is, it works. So what’s on your vision page? Can I see it?

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3 Comments on “Get the Picture”

  1. Shelly W. Says:

    Awwww, I love this, Beverly!! Thanks!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Beverly Lewis, Beverly Lewis. Beverly Lewis said: Get the Picture […]

  3. andy Says:

    Oh yes that is so important! When I was praying for a husband, I wrote out a list describing who I wanted my life long mate to be. And God brought me my “handsome cowboy” within 1 year! All 12 characteristics that I wrote were perfectly fulfilled!! God loves details…. and He sure gives us the desires of our heart…especially when we write it down:)

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