5 Lessons from the Labor Room

Our first grandson arrived safely Monday after 18 hours of labor. I was exhausted.  The experience was  a gripping reminder of how hard it is to give birth.

Are you in the process of giving birth to a dream?  There’s the preparation, the process of growing, the intense learning curve, the battle of the mind over fear and fatigue… lots of challenges that make us stronger.  But the deepest pain and hardest obstacles come when it’s time to birth your dream.

A couple of lessons that came alive for me this week:
1) Watch your words. Our words are powerful and we change the atmosphere with what we speak.
Are you speaking faith and fire into your circumstance or fear and failure? It was sad to me how one family in the waiting room, while full of love, were prognosticators of doom and gloom. Painful to witness! Who’s on your team?
2) What we can see with our eyes and understand with our minds doesn’t portray the full picture. The experts don’t always have all the answers. We limit ourselves if we consider only what can be charted and measured.
3)  What appears to be a standstill does not mean that nothing is happening. Periods of rest need to punctuate hard work and allow for proper alignment.
4) Quitting is simply not an option when there’s much at stake. Intensity, commitment and perseverance are key components for victory.
5) Celebrate your successes quickly and press on.  When you’ve brought forth life, the work commences.

My word of the week? PUSH!

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One Comment on “5 Lessons from the Labor Room”

  1. Julie Says:

    You speak THE words of TRUTH! Love you!

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