Behind Closed Doors

How many times have you spoken the words, “I’d NEVER do that THAT?” And then have to eat your words a short time later. Yeah, me too.

Last week, I had a man tell me that he had always been very vocal with his opinion that texting was ridiculous. Yet, in that moment, he offered me $500 for my smart phone so he too, could access what was going on behind closed doors.

We were both in the waiting room of labor and delivery.  The birth center wing was full and we had one of our family members in the room where all the action was who was texting regular updates to us. The father-to-be (my son) was also texting updates when he could, which  I was forwarding on to his anxious sisters. My daughter-in-law’s father and I were excitedly sharing updates every 5-10 minutes with each other as all the others in the waiting room watched our activity with envy.  

I know this wasn’t anything like the global news that was being texted out of Egypt recently when the country was in crisis, but this was a history- making event for our family.

I didn’t think it was necessary to be checking Facebook as the couple chose to refrain from posting too many details, but at one point, my son had updated his status and the wide world had more recent information than I had – and I was on the scene!

I’m not sure which decade it was that I heard the admonition, “Get on the information super-highway or you’ll be left behind.” It’s still true. Only now, you’ll not only be left behind but run over. See you in the fast lane.

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One Comment on “Behind Closed Doors”

  1. So very true.

    For the longest time, I was in the “I hate cell phones” camp. Of course, I had this ancient phone that was so huge it could have been used as a doorstop 🙂

    Now I have a much “smarter” phone, and I use it as an internet browser, tv, music player, book reader, calendar, organizer, grocery list, clock/watch, flashlight, camera, calculator, GPS, notepad, voice recorder and educational tool for my kids.

    And oh yeah, sometimes I make calls on it!

    ***CONGRATS**** on the new family member!!!

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