The Male Factor: What Every Woman Should Know

I’ve never bumped my head on the “glass ceiling.” I suppose it’s because I haven’t held a job since my college days. Full of confidence and brimming with high self-esteem, I started my first business fresh out of college when I realized that no one else seemed to understand my value to the marketplace. (You’ve got to love the idealism of youth!)

The number of female entrepreneurs has continued to rise in the past decades, yet even when women own the company, there are still discrepancies in financing, earnings and significant factors that tell the tale that we still have a long way to go before women and men are on equal footing in the business world.

Shaunti Feldhahn, author of The Male Factor, addresses “the unwritten rules, misperceptions and secret beliefs of men in the workplace” in her examination of the differences between men and women and how the way we are wired affects communication in the workplace. Feldhahn launched a nationwide survey and conducted interviews with thousands of men to shed light on how men and women can be more productive and build healthy, honorable relationships in the context of business. Not surprisingly, the principles she has noted translate effectively into the home and she has written books on marriage as well, but this book is for the boardroom.

As a social researcher, Feldhahn handles what could be a controversial subject with matter-of-factness and a grace that is compelling. Feldhahn functions as an effective diplomat by presenting the facts in a way that elicits change and cooperation rather than division and animosity. After a phone conversation with the author, I can see that she is walking the talk in her life. That explains the power of her message.

This book should be required reading for both men and women. As a Christian buisnesswoman, I find it particularly interesting that she published both a “Primary Edition” of The Male Factor for the general marketplace as well as a “Special Edition” for the Faith-Based market. That was just one of the things that prompted me to contact her. I will be interviewing her in an upcoming TeleSeminar (the date is yet to be announced) so stay tuned. You definitely want to meet Shaunti – she’s brilliant.

Courageous communication is a keystone for all success and Feldhahn deserves a standing ovation for her contribution to healthy relationships between men and women in the marketplace.

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