The Roar of Authority

My fascination with nature as an effective model for business has not waned since my training in the rainforest.  Recently my focus has turned to the African savanna, home of the lion. The lion is a symbol of great strength and courage, but it’s the authority of the lion that holds an important lesson.

Lions announce their authority with a mighty roar, which can be heard for a distance up to 5 miles. This is just one of several extremely effective ways they announce their presence and authority over a particular territory. Interestingly enough, it is common for a pride of lions to have more than one male lion in it. Instead of competing, several lions form a strategic alliance that gives them even more power and extends their boundaries.

I believe that every leader has a unique purpose to fulfill and in particular area, you have particular authority.  Though we usually think of territory as a geographical area, consider for a moment that it’s not just physical. What if your territory defines your authority to influence an organization, industry, community or region?   Your “territory” can be intellectual property, spiritual authority – it’s your message!

Confidence grows with an acute awareness of what you are responsible to oversee.  You will receive wisdom and revelation on matters you have authority over. It’s a time for boldness.

“I was not the lion, but it fell to me to give the lion’s roar.”- Winston Churchill

For a 3 minute Vlog on this subject Click Here

If you are really ready to extend your borders and walk in a new authority and power,  I invite you to consider the Lion’s Guild – A Strategic Alliance for Business Owners & Non-profit Leaders.  The ideal time to join is at the first of every month, so let’s talk!  We are winning big together.

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One Comment on “The Roar of Authority”

  1. Larry Tyler Says:

    Great word Beverly. Thanks for reminding us of our connection to nature. So much to learn from nature!

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