Offensive Strategies for a Big Win

People are fascinating.

I had the opportunity this past week to meet more than a few phenomenal people while in Atlanta for a Slingshot Success Seminar.  Brett Williams,  former NFL offensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs, is big in ways that are influencing the culture of his city. He exudes a winning attitude in his role as Executive Director of Palm Branch Initiative, a Non-Profit organization in Miami, FL as his passion and purpose magnetize people.  Brett  has some awesome insights on Slingshot Success that he will share in a  Tele-Seminar this Wednesday, March 30th. (Brett is the tallest one in the accompanying photo.) A bonus… you will laugh while you learn.

Slingshot Success: Unmerited Favor & Extraordinary Strength
Wednesday, March 30th , 12:00 Noon ET
Register Here

All registrants will receive the link for the recorded call.

Slingshot Success
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