Hair on Fire

As I sat listening to a conversation the other day about engines and computer chips you can buy “after-market” to increase performance, I immediately started thinking about how we each have a high performance chip. The thing about high performance is that it necessitates fine-tuning. It’s not like driving an old clunker that burns a little oil and doesn’t have any get-up and go. (That’s your neighbor’s way of getting around – not yours, right?) If you’re going to go fast, you have to invest in maintenance.

One way you can tell if you need a tune-up is by checking your level of hope and expectation. If you are not revved on Monday morning to create something great in your week, there’s a clue. If the hours drag in your day, there’s another clue. How about your overall attitude and energy level? All of these add up to your “Expectometer” rating.

Expectometer – Ex-pect-ometer n.  Internal gauge connected to the performance chip in a human being that measures the level of hope and expectancy. (Source: LifePoint Success Dictionary)

I’ve been described as a merchant of hope. I believe that refers to my calling to impart revelation which inspires vision, ignites passion, resulting in acceleration . Sometimes all it takes is some tweaking and fine-tuning for you to get jump-started to the next level.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 meaning you’ve ignited and your hair’s on fire, how do you rate your expectancy level?

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