Small Victories Lead to Big Wins

Predators don’t always look big and scary. I’ve learned it’s the sly, tough- to-spot enemies that often pose the biggest danger.

This week’s  “nature speaks to business”  lesson wasn’t a pretty one.  Some of you know that we live in the country and have chickens and other critters. My involvement with the chickens is usually limited to collecting eggs, but I’ve been sucked into the murder and mayhem at the henhouse.  The population of our free-range chickens has diminished rapidly over the last few weeks.  We thought the killer was a neighborhood dog – the fact that we saw her after one kill with chicken feathers on her nose didn’t speak well of her innocence.  Recently, we noted the killer was bold and fast, as a couple of times the attack came in broad daylight when we were nearby.

Finally, on Sunday, my husband caught a glimpse of the predator fleeing with yet another chicken in his mouth. The perp is a fox. Now the term “sly as a fox” and other analogies are quite real to me.

So what’s in your henhouse? Are you losing time? What about money? Something robbing your energy? What about the little annoyances that kill your attitude?

Time to take inventory.  I’m not going to lock down – I’m going on the offensive.  I’m on the hunt and I’m going to win.

A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.~ Ruth Brown

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