The Power of the Tweak

Ever felt overwhelmed on a Monday morning as you look at what needs to be accomplished, what you feel able to do and the yawning chasm between the two?

Time to grab a slingshot – or maybe a catapult as the case may be. The popular smartphone app “Angry Birds” is a great illustration of power of a tweak.  Small changes in strength and trajectory result in a win that sends you on to the next level. However, the only person who will get rich from practicing with a digitalized game is the creator of the application, and trust me, they got rich on it.  (Therein the lesson that small things can lead to large rewards; the 99 cent version has sold over 100 million copies. )

In the Slingshot Success Workshops, we work with leaders on an assessment that causes them to rank their own performance in 12 key area of business development. I’ve observed that most don’t need a major overhaul in any one area as much as they need tweaking and fine-tuning in a number of areas.  The great news is that incremental progress can result in substantial improvements.  Let’s do it!

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. ~Mother Teresa

Note: Need to tweak your cash flow strategy? Join me for a content-rich Tele-Seminar on Weds., May 25th with Larry Tyler, Money Expert and author of Romancing the Loan.  The nest 20 to REGISTER HERE with the discount code “Slingshot” can register for the $29 Seminar FREE!

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