Brilliance in 17 Syllables

Being articulate sometimes means less is more. Crafting a 30-second response for the standard networking question, “What do you do?” (otherwise known as an “elevator speech”) can be daunting.

Most school children are asked to dabble in Haiku – a Japanese poetic form that’s based on the number of syllables per line, 5,7,5 respectively. Maybe you weren’t brilliant at Haiku then, but this exercise promises a much richer reward than a gold star – it can lead to more clients.

To create a clear elevator speech, I’m challenging you to answer three questions, which must be answered with the specified number of words

  • Who do I help? (Answer in Five Words)
  • What do I do for them? (Answer in Seven Words)
  • Why do they need me? (Answer in Five Words)

An example response to these questions from a business lawyer could be:

I help small business owners

incorporate their businesses and protect their assets

so they can sleep better.

Here’s mine:

I help entrepreneurs and leaders

shift, innovate and energize their business process

so profitability and satisfaction soar.

Your turn.  I invite you to introduce yourself in 17 syllables…

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5 Comments on “Brilliance in 17 Syllables”

  1. Christina Says:

    Hmm…let me try:

    I help authentic leaders
    start and grow meaningful connections online
    so that their vision can spread like fire!

  2. Christina Says:

    Oops I didn’t go by numbers there.

  3. Christina Says:

    ok here is my second try doing it right this time! haha.

    I help World Changing Leaders
    initiate, nuture, and grow meaningful connections online
    to advance their vision globally

  4. […] tips on being clear about what you do check out this post, Brilliance in 17 Syllables, By Beverly Lewis at Lifepoint […]

  5. Rob Burnham Says:

    Beverly, try this….

    I help small business owners
    sync up their personal and business lives
    so they experience real prosperity.

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