Getting to the Heart of the Matter

I’ve always considered myself to be an intuitive person – in touch with matters of the heart that often defy explanation or articulation. In the process of coaching, I recently had an “A-Ha!” moment.

Business is executed with excellence and brilliance by individuals who are intuitive. They are no doubt intelligent, capable leaders but I daresay the likes of Richard Branson and Bill Gates are instinctive in much of their decision-making. They are so connected with their passion that they can’t help but flow that way.

Most of us would recognize that in “matters of the heart”, like a romantic relationship, we make decisions based on our deep, intuitive leading. But how much credibility do we give to our heart in matters of business? You can call it your conscience, your spirit, your gut – we’re talking about that place below the surface – deeper than the conscious mind.

In the process of our careers, it is not only possible, but probable that each of us has suffered disappointment, abandonment, regret, rejection and even shame as a result of some of our experiences. Did I mention betrayal? You’ve got to love the descriptive term, “getting thrown under the bus” – what an impact and imprint that leaves. And by the way, I didn’t get this list from a book.  Ahem.

Each time we are wounded, if it’s not dealt with, we shut off another portion of our hearts. Which then mutes our ability to access our intuitive nature. Sure, business can be executed entirely from your intellect.  And it goes down as dry as dust, is difficult, often stressful and certainly not fun.

In a business culture that emphasizes information and speed, if we’re not careful, we can lose that which is most valuable in us and to us – the very thing that brands us. The heart of the matter. My friend, John Garfield points out, “Our hearts have led us, and keep us, in exactly the station of life where we are currently. We may think we can change by changing our minds or attitude, but 90% of what we do comes right out of our hearts and is very resistant to change.”

Consider this:

“The computer makes us fantastically more able to calculate and analyze.

It does not help us to meditate.

We have instruments to enable us to see everything from the nebulae to the neutron – everything except ourselves.

We have immeasurably extended our gift of sight, but not of insight.

For that, we have the same equipment as the eighth-century prophets.

Potentially the same, but actually poorer, for while we have been busy extending one aspect of the knowing of telling self, we have allowed other aspects to atrophy.

We have built ourselves up into power transmitting stations but as receiving sets we are feeble.”

John V. Taylor penned those words back in the 70’s. And he thought the noise was deafening then!

You might need to dig a little deeper than you think but go no further than your own door for the next revelation that brings breakthrough. I’ve always maintained that everything you need for extraordinary success is already in you. Take time to look inside – it’s treasure you will find.

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2 Comments on “Getting to the Heart of the Matter”

  1. Wow Beverly! This is sooo key! Some women ask me what my “rules” are in working with women to help them let go of some of their “wardrobe baggage”. My answer is… “it’s different for each person, based on what the connection is like with my client and my intuition about “the moment”.

    Thanks for the reminders about how the compute does not help us meditate! If it did, I would be very very calm :).

  2. Judy Mullikin Says:

    Wonderful revealed revelation, especially the last paragraph. What we have been given needs to be excavated and multiplied.

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