Highly Flammable Marketing

The Slingshot Success Team are alumni of the first Spark & Hustle, the stellar event Tory Johnson has taken on  national tour.  A grand celebration is coming July 21-23 to Atlanta. It’s designed to turn passion into profit and we want to show you how proper preparation for this (or any business event) can position you for extraordinary momentum.

Our team gained momentum last year at Spark and Hustle and growth has been consistently exciting. This year, former NFL offensive lineman, Clay Shiver, joined me and Becky Harmon in the mission of Slingshot Success. Clay will be a featured speaker in Atlanta and we are ready to share the essentials of how to network effectively & show you how to prepare internally and externally to make your time at this conference highly valuable.

What good is it to invest time and money in an entrepreneur’s conference and then not be able to monetize it? We have a passionate and purposeful plan and can teach you 3 PROVEN strategies that will position your “Spark” to burst into FLAMES at this stellar event.

3 Sessions,  3 Strategies

Session One:     Ready . . . Thursday, July 7 , Noon ET     Develop a Massive Social Media Following…Even If You Are Currently Clueless

Session Two:     Aim . . .    Tuesday , July 12, Noon ET     Clarity on Your Offer & Your Identity, Your Red Spoon

Session Three:  Fire!          Monday, July 18, Noon ET      The Psychology of Selling Yourself, Optimized Networking Tips

Success is Not an Event, It’s a Process.

But the event will allow you more eyes, ears, hearts and minds paying attention to what you have to offer…craving what you have to offer.  We will show you that you don’t have hype it up or be a celebrity to grow your business powerfully. We are committed to showing you how to use YOUR UNIQUE IDENTITY to build your business BOLDLY!

Register HERE

Joining with Monica Hall of 320MultimediaMarketing.com, an expert at maximizing communication through audio and video.

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