6 Highly Flammable Networking Tips

Attending a business conference soon? A change of scenery and a fresh atmosphere can be just the shift that’s needed to bring ideas to the surface and stir half-formed concepts into action.

I’ll be in Atlanta this week for Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle with hundreds of entrepreneurs and the Slingshot Success Team. I’ve been preparing to maximize the fuel for blazing business success that will be in abundance at the conference.

Whether you’re like me and love the energy found in a roomful of people or you are more like my husband and would rather go for a root canal than have to stand around and talk with people you don’t know, you can prepare in a way that maximizes the experience.

There’s a difference between networking and self-promoting. Networking  is a 2-way street where the focus is on “where do we intersect?” Self-promotion is, well – selfish.

Pack these tips as fire-starters:

  • Define some specific things you want to learn at the conference.  I often learn as much from the networking connections as I do from the speakers on stage. You get what you expect so write it down.
  • Set a goal to meet 3 people that could become important alliances for you.
  • Be fully present. Use breaks to connect with participants instead of trying to check all your messages from home.
  • Have your 30-second elevator message ready, but also develop some questions to ask those you meet.
  • Picture that each person you meet is a treasure box.  A key question can release the latch that opens their desire to share the wealth. During most conversations people tend to talk more than they listen. Intentionally reverse that. Test this and see; people will be more likely to remember you if you actively listen and show interest in them.

Here’s a few questions to get you started:
What do you like best about what you do?

If you had to pick one word (okay, maybe 3) to describe your year so far, what would they be?

As you move deeper into conversation, you can ask more probing questions, like “what got you started in the direction of  the business  you are in now?” or “what is the biggest challenge you face in your business on a weekly basis?”

  • Smile. Be yourself. Be fully engaged.

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