Never, never, never  underestimate the power of hope. Hope will give you supernatural strength to endure and press through the most difficult circumstances. Hope will take you beyond disappointment; it’s the breakfast of champions, the promise of things unseen, the fabric of faith, the anchor of your soul.

Don’t think for even one minute that faith and hope are fluffy, ambiguous elements. Hope propels us into the future, like an unseen slingshot. In fact, when you fix your eyes on what is unseen, you’re touching the realm of your destiny.

The audacity of hope in the face of obstacles, not the least of which are fear and unbelief, holds inestimable power. “Inside each of us are powers so strong, treasures so rich, possibilities so endless, that to command them all to action would change the history of the world.”

“Sadly, if a convention were held with all the people on earth that have completely fulfilled their potential, they would fit in the ballroom of the local Motel 6.” ( H. Jackson Brown)

Fresh hope magnetizes fresh opportunities – stir hope into action! Here’s to moving BOLDLY into the new week.

(I love hanging out with real champions like former pro-football offensive lineman, Clay Shiver. Join the Slingshot Success team tonight, August 15th, for a Strategic Tele-Seminar on Mental Toughness: Bridge to Denial or Destiny)

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