4 Rules for Running Through Snarling Beasts

This morning I decided to run farther than I usually do. I want to stretch the boundaries in every area of my life so off I went.  Not far into new territory, I encountered two snarling beasts.  Okay, it was a shepherd mix and a pit bull mix but they were threatening and I didn’t have any pepper spray on me.  I decided to press on with an authoritative, friendly  and confident demeanor.

The good news is that they seemed to buy into the fact that I had as much right to be there as they did and they yielded.

Lessons from my morning run:

1. Don’t show them you’re scared  – act confident and go forward.

2.  Whenever you’re going to the next level, expect obstacles.

3. The only way to really win a fight is to not get in it.

And of course, I was reminded that when we choose to walk in our bold, unique identities as we pursue new goals,  the snarling beasts will capitulate.  No one owns all of the market. There’s room for you. Run, baby, run.

P.S. This is what I felt like afterward. I call this one hot dog. : )

# 4 is  “Remember to have fun.”

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