Stop the Monkey Business

Many of you know of my fascination with the principles of nature and the way they translate so smoothly into successful business strategies.  Studying with the Rainforest Business Institute was an amazing marriage of my original focus on plant science (my major in college) and my entrepreneurial spirit which manifested itself as soon as I looked at job prospects.

Nature speaks with great wisdom. Note that the English language has some wonderful collective nouns for groups of animals.  Consider these:

A Pride of Lions
A Murder of Crows
A School of Fish
An Exaltation of Doves
A Parliament of Owls

Now consider the Baboon –loud, dangerous and the most viciously aggressive of all primates. And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?

A Congress of Baboons!!!

Some baboons in S. Africa have even become sophisticated highway robbers as seen in this video clip.

On a more serious note, I am thankful that Florida has recently responded to the debt crisis by electing  leaders with  experience in making the hard decisions to keep businesses profitable and productive, like Governor Rick Scott and Congressman Steve Southerland. I daresay now that they have been given the authority to cut budgets, their popularity is waning, but so it goes. We all know there have to be changes in our collective spending habits but no one wants to give anything up.

My message to our government is “Stop the Monkey Business.” I love this country and intend to be a part of keeping it great.  Now – I’m out to be about my Father’s business…

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