I wonder if I’m the only one that’s noticed the necessity to make more tweaks than ever before to keep things in focus. In the past, I reviewed goals quarterly except for financials and stats which I looked hard at monthly. Now it seems I am picking up my goals on a weekly basis to make revisions and course corrections.

It’s somewhat like the binoculars we keep on a table to check out birds and wildlife around our house. It seems that every time I pick them up I have to adjust the focus.

Maybe they get out of focus because they get bumped about.  But it seems with goals, that  in storm conditions, more course corrections are necessary.  I’d like to think it also has something to do with speed – when you’re driving fast you have to keep your eyes on the road and resist distraction.

I’ve even started keeping a treasure box on my desk that has pictures and tangible reminders of my goals that I can pick up throughout the week.

Focus. Clarity. I keep checking the settings. I don’t want to miss a thing.

Check out today’s Vlog post with some thoughts gleaned from watching those birds.

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