The Power of the PUSH

I learned memorable lessons about momentum through pushing cars.  Yes, as in physically moving stalled  automobiles that weighed a ton.

My parents were “old school” in more ways than one. They made no apology about their rule that we had to purchase our first car with our own money.  Furthermore, they limited the number of hours we worked in part-time jobs during high school because of their “schoolwork first” policy. Not surprisingly, my first car was not a stellar piece of equipment.  It was an old Ford Falcon with a manual transmission  operated by a  3-speed-on-the-column shift lever that got stuck. Often.  Whenever this happened, I would have to jump out, pop the hood, lean down and  jiggle the transmission levers loose. That was on a good day of driving. A bad day of driving entailed stalled cars as in “stalled in the middle of a busy intersection in a driving rainstorm.” Lovely. That’s how I learned to push. Hard. And it has served me well.

The hardest part is getting it moving. It takes a  lot of energy to overcome inertia, but once you exert the energy to overcome that – the law of momentum begins to work on your behalf.  Another good lesson from old cars with a manual transmission is that once moving, you can jump-start  the engine.  So you focus on getting it rolling, not on how far you need to drive to your destination.

As I look at what I need to accomplish this week, I’m reminded that if I focus on moving toward the goal and PUSH, it’s going to get easier.  Lean in, rock it forward. Oh, did I mention that it’s going to roll back?  It may not look like progress,  but that’s part of the process.  Three steps forward and two steps back – that’s the road to success.  Lean in and PUSH! Come, on, give it all you’ve got! One inch at a time. One task at a time, one victory at a time, you’re moving forward onto new ground.

I have to point out a huge “bonus” lesson learned with all this pushing: It doesn’t matter what others think of you. You have to start from where you are with what you have and move forward from that place.

Concentrate. Pretty soon you’re going to be able to jump in and ride.

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