Unplugged to Amped

I returned this week from 5 days in Houston at an International Conference with 5,000 people from 172 nations. Rubbing shoulders and spending time with dynamic doers who can not only see the future but are creating it was breathtakingly stimulating. I “unplugged” for the most part while there and came back refreshed on every level. My vision is clearer, the cobwebs are cleared out and I am working from a place of rest.

Seven headlines from my week:
1. Unplugging from the online community to maximize the focus on the ones you’re with is highly productive and rewarding.

2. Allowing time to just daydream, without the pressure of what you’re supposed to be producing is therapeutic. There are numerous research studies that document that we all can be brighter when we take time to dawdle.

3. You don’t have to do everything. Know your part and do it with excellence.

4. The unique message you carry can change the world. It’s time to take the cult out of culture and build integrity into every sphere of influence.

5. The next 100 days are crucial. It’s a season of revelation, activation, acceleration and transformation. Be ALERT!

6. It’s not about you. It’s not about me. Only as a team can we accomplish the enormous task ahead. It’s bigger than us.

7. The most important strategy to accomplish amazing things is to show up with an overcoming mentality and participate as God does what He does best – AWESOMENESS!
(This doesn’t preclude preparation but the operative phrase here is “show up”!)

That said, if you’re a service professional, coach or non-profit leader and are ready to get serious about your momentum, check out the NEW access level in the Lion’s Guild. It’s Time to Roar!

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