When Bora Bora is Not an Option… Be Where You Are

To-do lists, meetings, family obligations, an email inbox that fills faster than you can empty it, errands, community service commitments….sometimes you just want to stop the carousel and go sit on the beach in Bora Bora.

When Bora Bora is not a viable option, it’s time to just be where you are. Fully engaged, mentally present and focused on the activity you are currently in and the people you are with. That’s the ticket to maintaining vitality and maximizing the meaning of your days.

I had to learn this lesson when our children were little and I was learning a whole new level of juggling. I recall the utter frustration of being constantly torn; it seems if I was working I felt guilty that I wasn’t with my children and if I was with them, I was thinking of all the other things I needed to get done.

That’s a real recipe for stress.

The solution is in the conscious decision to “be where you are”. The practical way to position yourself  is to carefully construct what you say “yes” to in your life. Your “yeses” are the architecture of your days and the framework for your priorities. Once you’ve made the decision that something belongs in your day – be there. Fully there. And if that’s not working, either change the choice or change your attitude. Simple. Not easy.

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2 Comments on “When Bora Bora is Not an Option… Be Where You Are”

  1. Monique Says:


    I wholeheartedly agree that simple is not necessarily easy and that you must be careful about what you say “yes” to in life. Once we women can master this, we will be unstoppable!

  2. Ivan Walsh Says:

    Some very good points there, Beverly.

    We make our own worlds. for better or worse.


    PS I build the people that build business is a great line.

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