Calling All Change Agents

Your life makes a difference. Despite what the voice in your head tells you on days of disappointment and doubt, your life makes a difference. 

We’ve been conditioned to think that real change can only take place when a large group unites to move mountains. That can happen. But every day, people like you and me are living out their calling and changing the world.

Os Hillman, author of Change Agent, believes intensely that “the nine-to-five calling is the place where God will allow you to intersect your personal, home and vocational callings to affect the world.”  In the last decade, there’s been a wind that has ignited men and women to see their work lives as holy callings from God and Os Hillman, as founder and president of Marketplace Leaders, has been in the forefront of this movement.

We hear the word transformation a lot. We’ve got to move past talking about it.  It must become an internal fire that blazes out of our passion into our world. You are destined for influence, impact and success that stretches beyond the boundaries of your current thinking.

If you’re ready to step up to the call, join us on Tuesday, Nov 15th at 2 PM as  I, on behalf of Slingshot Success, interview Os Hillman.  It’ll be a game-changer. Click Here for to save your seat.

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