Where is God in All This?

There’s been a revolution in my head. I’ve become increasingly aware that my intellect typically leads when I’m in “business mode”.  I think that’s true of many of us. After all, it’s our intellect that we sharpen and develop in preparation for success. And that’s good. But there’s a bigger picture.

God doesn’t want to just be at the heart of our businesses – He wants to be in the board room (our head) helping with decisions and completely involved in every aspect of the day-to-day operations. He is absolutely brilliant, knows the future and understands every angle of any problem. In other words, the best partner who ever lived. Of course I’ve been in mental agreement to this idea for many years but there was a disconnect somewhere along the way.

I don’t mean that I forfeited ethics or integrity in making decisions – I mean that I was not habitually sensitive to God’s thoughts.  Obviously, I’m not suggesting that we disengage our brains as we move through our business day. What I’m describing is an integration of everything God is into everything we do. Easier said than done.

It’s a matter of a Great Awakening.  When you’re awake on a personal level, you can awaken others. You can be a change agent.

You might be reading this and saying, “I don’t know God on that level.” The good news is, He knows YOU on that level. And He’s ready to download strategies, innovations and His brilliance to YOU. You just have to stay tuned to His channel. And then act on what you hear. I’ve learned that He stops speaking if I don’t heed what I’ve heard.

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the marketplace, where thousands of businessmen and women are experiencing the epiphany that I’m attempting to describe here . We are connecting with others of like minds and hearts who have realized that the call to do business with excellence and to make a bunch of money is a deeply spiritual call and a full- time ministry. Doctors, lawyers, bakers and candlestick makers are all getting this message and realizing that their desk IS their pulpit. The only one who needs to appoint and anoint you is the King of Kings.  You have a call, a commission and now you have permission.

Every day, the news brings dire circumstances to the forefront of awareness. Political strife, unexplainable weather, economic woes and moral failures saturate the headlines.  So, where IS God in all this?  He’s in you. He’s in me. And He is waiting on us to use the influence and impact we have, right where we are, to bring solutions.

We are the revolution. The kingdom of this world shall become the kingdom of our God.  Let’s do this thing.

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2 Comments on “Where is God in All This?”

  1. Excellent, moving and motivating post. I am one of those who have experienced the epiphany (What? God cares about my career? My business life? Yeah, He does.) and it has changed everything. Like you say, it’s easier said than done. But the main thing is this “awakening” you talk about- I think of it as intentionality. It takes a conscious awareness.

    I love the way you refer to God as “brilliant.” How true. Let’s tap in to that.

  2. I’ve often thought about the patriarchs of the Hebrew Bible and their different perspective on work and striving than that of the Christian apostles. It’s difficult to reconcile the contrasting ideals evident in David’s empire building with the Sermon on the Mount. And even more difficult to reconcile with what preachers have made of Jesus’ sayings: you know, “the only ability God needs is your availability”, and orther clichés. It took me many years to realize that what I do is important. If what I am doesn’t manifest in productive work, I don’t have much to give.

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