Made for the Impossible

Thanksgiving weekend ended strong for me with a Celebration of Life Service for a precious friend who moved to heaven. It was a fitting end to an amazing week with family, as the focus was on the joy of a life well- lived.

I took note of  something she spoke into the lives of her 11 grandchildren. She told each one, “you were born for the impossible”.  That resounded within me and caused me to look back at an email she sent me in January, telling me I have a “Caleb spirit.”

Caleb had the kind of attitude and action plan I want to emulate.

Caleb was a man who answered to a higher authority than military science and tactics. It did not make good sense to take Hebron. Joshua had figured the odds, said it wasn’t worth it, and bypassed the walled cities. There was no sense fighting the giants of Anak. But Caleb was not content with that. He was marching to the sound of a different drummer. He had been confident 45 years before. (Read the book of Numbers, Chapter 6 and follow his story) And he was still confident 45 years later. He was an uncommon man and uncommon things transpired when he fixed his mind on obtaining God’s best for his life.

Joshua and Caleb have gone down in history as the only two out of a team of twelve who saw opportunity where others only saw danger. They saw possibilities while others whined about obstacles. They had vision, faith and hope, where others had negativity, fear, pessimism and doubt.

Choosing the path of least resistance is a choice to settle for mediocrity. There’s territory to be gained and victories to be won.

We were made the for the impossible and we are more than conquerors.

It’s time to take the mountain. Thanks, Tommie Jean Woods, for being one of the vast cloud of witnesses now cheering me on from the grandstand of heaven.

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