Who You are Speaks So Loudly…

Who are you listening to?

It better be someone who has what you want. In fact, you need to identify those who have what you want and seek them out.  Go where they are, hang out where they hang out – listen and take notes!

Who is speaking into your life?

We hear a constant barrage everyday from within and without. I laughed the other day when a friend described his internal dialogue as drunken monkey chatter. Oh my. Then there’s the incessant sounds around us. We hear from many – but who do you really listen to? As in, weigh their words, maybe even write them down and give them thoughtful consideration.

Mentoring relationships rarely just happen.  Intentionality pays off.

By the way, free advice (espeically that which is unsolicited) is typically worth exactly what you pay for it. Almost anyone is willing to give you an opinion, but I’ve learned to look into their life and see if they have what I want in the area they are advising me on. Fact is, if you think like they think, you’ll get what they’ve got.

You can set goals all day (and I’m a huge advocate of goal setting) but there’s a time – and it’s NOW – to get up out of your chair and go where the action is. You are changed by the people you surround yourself with, for better or for worse, so choose wisely.

Now here’s a thought; if you could get sound advice from someone who knows the future, is powerful, well-connected,  100% invested in your success and loves you without measure, wouldn’t you want to listen to them? Yea, me too. That would be God Himself. And He wants to talk to you and give you downloads that will make you shine. Sometimes we just don’t take time to listen. Or build the right relationships.

I’m listening. I’m building.

P.S. Clay Shiver is one of the people that I listen to. He drips wisdom when he talks (seasoned with hilarity if you’re around him long enough) and he’s going to be sharing ” 7 Steps to Growing the Anointing on Your Life”. Tuesday, January 10th – This will be an hour you want to hear.

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