Win From Within

It was this time of year a couple of digits in time ago that I remember getting hooked on  video games. We had just purchased a nintendo for our children for Christmas and Mario offered entertainment and brilliantly designed challenges. Every time I  played, there was a desire to get a little better, go a little further and conquer the beasts of the next level. I was delighted when the kids had to go back to school and I got the game to myself. After a day or so, reality set it in and I had to concede that my call in life didn’t involve Mario and I had to get to work.

The key to winning and getting progressively better faster was investing time, learning from others and strategizing. There were numerous opponents whose sole purpose was to block your advancement. And so it is with life.

Have you taken the time to really understand the strategies of your adversaries? Or to back it up to basics, are you aware of who your adversaries are?

In the world of business, challenges can take many forms, but my observation is the two main deterrents to success are not obvious. Typically, they are not tangible things like lack of capital or competition. For most, the biggest obstacles are within us and are embedded in our thoughts.

Evil twins that make great men stumble bear the names Pride and Greed. The forms they come in sometimes appear innocuous, but they have deep roots that have cracked many foundations, causing individuals as well as large organizations to fail.

Recognizing, identifying and routing destructive mindsets is mandatory to building sustainable success yet most dismiss the thought of strategically guarding and strengthening the most important asset in your organization – the hearts and minds of people.

What have you done today to strengthen your heart? I daresay that scheduling such an exercise is just as necessary as a cardio workout is for physical vitality.

I’m on a mission to show you what that looks like. Stay tuned.

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