Words with Friends

Yesterday I wrote about one of my first dances with digital fun the year our children got a Nintendo 64. (You should be impressed I can remember details from that long ago.)

This year’s digital distraction snuck in over the holidays. Online Scrabble – Words with Friends.  Aye yi  yi, I love scrabble and this is pretty addictive. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you and I beg you – do NOT send me an invitation to play.)

My justification in continuing to play is that leaders are readers and that vocabulary-building is a valuable exercise. Are you buying it?

I’ve also been reminded of my competitive streak. I’ve been known to say I’m not competitive but I’m not sure that’s true. I really like to win. (Don’t we all? I mean who LIKES to lose?!)   I have one competitor (my son-in-law) that has beaten me soundly in every game.  But there’s something predictable that happens when you don’t give up – I’m learning from his strategies and he’s pushing me to become a better player.

Hanging around people that are more skilled than you are is a good thing.  If you choose to hang around people who aren’t at the level you want to be, it could possibly make you look a little better. (But to whom, I might ask!)  Rubbing shoulders with people who challenge you and call you up to a higher level has a pain of its own,  but the result is growth. I’d rather struggle, lose and get up to try again than settle for the status quo.

You’re move.

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One Comment on “Words with Friends”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I heartily agree, Beverly! Losing’s not a lot of fun, but winning easily… that’s even less, if you ask me. Playing against someone who’s excellent, even if it means losing, is a much more rewarding game.

    I’ve been avoiding Words with Friends because I’ve heard how addictive it is–but it does sound like fun!

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