Hope for the Harried

I’ve been called Pollyanna more than once in my life and I don’t mind. I have my feet planted firmly in reality but I figure I’m not bound by circumstances. With the right amount of sunlight, nutrients and warmth, I can grow and bring beauty to that reality.

With that frame of reference, I bring you “Win From Within“. This installment is in the form of a Free Tele-Class on Weds. Feb. 8th at  noon ET. Here’s what you can expect:

Hope for the Harried – You’ve been promoted or are experiencing the flow you’ve worked so hard for. And now you wonder if you’ll ever have a chance to sleep again. You’re holding on by your fingernails… and I’ve got good news for you. You can get a better grip, get aligned and go higher.

This call will teach:
The Way Up is Down (You Can Be Busy without Being Stressed – 4 tips on HOW)

Stay in Your Lane – How to Run Further Faster & Give Your Best

The Heart of the Matter – Authenticity is “In” – Keeping Up with the Jones’ is OUT

The Importance of Timing (You Can Have Everything You Want in Life, You Just Can’t Have it All at The Same Time)

How do YOU spell Success? (Creative Spelling 101)

This Tele-Class is for those committed to bringing their A-game to work every day. (And have a life in the meantime. Reserve your spot at no charge HERE  All who register will receive the link to the recorded call in case you miss it.

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