Am I Going in Circles, or What?

You can’t buy a ticket to success since it’s not a destination. If you could, it wouldn’t  be a one- way ticket and it wouldn’t be a direct flight. Have you ever had an itinerary that included multiple stops – even some that required you to deplane? And you complained! Well, forget the plane, we’re talking  bicycle today.

A cycle is something that rotates or moves in sequence and can be either a circular or spiral arrangement. Sometimes the motion is repetitive but there is a destination.  That defines the cycle of success and  it often leaves me frustrated.  There have been times when I’ve worked long and hard and have agonized over my lack of measurable progress.  I’ve chastised myself and wondered what lesson I had failed to master to allow me to proceed to the next level.

Webster’s Dictionary gives several definitions of cycle including this one: “a series of narratives dealing typically with the exploits of a legendary hero.”  

In the story of your life, you are the hero. And you know that no heroic story is complete without obstacles, setbacks and harrowing times when you wonder if you’re even going to make it.

The progress toward our goals and the fulfillment of our dreams is never a smooth, easy journey. It’s a cycle of ups and downs . Days of great victories are punctuated by heart-breaking disappointments sandwiched between days that can seem monotonous. You not only wonder if you’re ever going to arrive, you question whether you’re even on the right road.

All of us are trailblazers when it comes to our dreams. And the trail up the mountain is not straight up. (Unless you’re an extreme sport kind of rock climber. And they have an unacceptably high mortality rate.) The ascent up the mountain of your dreams is most often  accomplished by traveling in a gradually ascending spiral or on switch-backs.

Both paths will cause you to feel like you aren’t making progress if you look at just one course of the journey. Success is a cycle.  Embrace the process and savor the journey. You will pass never pass this way again.

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