True Confessions

Is anyone out there happy and healthy? I think I’m really abnormal.
Because I am. Happy and healthy that is.

It seems some people are so surprised by this that I’m accused of not being authentic.
What’s a happy person to do? Take up cutting?

I’m not making this up… I was told today by a friend of many years that I’m not  really a friend because I’m not authentic.

Hello, my name is Beverly. I’m a recovering pleaser who has learned to say no  to having it your way. (Most of the time, unless it’s things that don’t matter  so much to me – then I’m rather flexible.)  I’ve learned to set boundaries and  pick my battles and articulate my feelings without stuffing them. If I don’t  reveal terrible secrets from my past, it’s because I don’t really have any.

You  might think it’s boring and unauthentic but I belong to a threatened species; the “normal” ones. (Shocking, I know.)

I have a confession but it’s no secret. I like to be right. And I’m considered outspoken. And stubborn. But I’m an insufferable optimist and walk around in a cloud of hope.

So what exactly about my happiness bothers you?

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