What’s the Difference? Vision & Mission

Connecting your deepest dreams and desires to your daily activities is part of the “secret sauce” for success. A vision statement should be a dynamic expression of WHY you are in business.

So how does that differ from a mission statement? Do you need both? You do need both because the mission statement is an articulation of who you are going to serve and how you are going to do it. It expresses the practical application of the big picture.

Your vision should be so deeply personal that you may not splash it on your website and/or frame it on your wall. It would be more fitting to carry it in your wallet or read over it several times a week in quiet times.

A mission statement expresses what you are going to do for your client, while your vision statement expresses your own deep heart need.

Since most people naturally and subconsciously stay tuned to station WIFM  (What’s In It For Me), they are going to be more interested in your mission.

Your mission statement is also likely to be more fluid, as it involves strategy.

In the simplest terms, your vision statement is the telescope and the mission statement is the compass for your journey.

To illustrate my point, I’ll share a recently crafted vision and mission statement for Virtual Law Consulting :

Vision: Virtual Law Consulting is committed to a path of mastery in the arena of justice. We come alongside attorneys to help them achieve success that encompasses not only their law practice, but fosters healthy homes and relationships for everyone in the firm. We are intentional in promoting a productive office and healthy company culture that can positively influence every client and ultimately benefit the community.

We are purposefully building the kingdom of God on earth. We are not perfect or particularly religious, but we love God, desire to know Him more intimately and serve Him with joy while bringing honor to His name.

Mission: It is our mission to assist attorneys to raise productivity, increase profitability, and to reduce personal and corporate burdens through proven strategies and assessments without increasing staff workloads….The mission statement actually goes on to define 7 ways they do that.  I have cut the details for this illustration.

If you or your organization could use  help in articulating your vision and mission, let me know. Visionary Leadership is what I’m all about!

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