Use it Up or Wear it Out

My grandmother invented recycling. Well, okay, not single-handedly, but she made it a lifestyle long before any of us were born. She believed you should “use it up, wear it out, make it do, but don’t throw it out!” A far cry from our current throw-away society.

The economic recession has caused people to reconsider their ways regarding conserving and recycling. The times we live in demand that we aggressively apply the principles of making the most of what we have. You have all the seed you need to create abundance in your life. Limitation can be an essential catalyst to improve, develop and change.

The challenge is the ability to recognize what you currently have that can be renamed, reclaimed, recycled and redeployed. Here’s a few likely places to look:

1. Time – This is an asset that we’re all allocated equally, but most of us aren’t making the most of what we have in this area. My friend Rob Burnham who teaches a Productivity Boot Camp was speaking recently to a group of men in prison for white-collar crimes. He realized how many were behind bars for embezzling funds from their companies and thought to himself, “If people were arrested for stealing time from their employers, no prison would be big enough to hold all the inmates.” My question to you is, “How can you rearrange your schedule to maximize the hours in your day?”

2. Creative Ideas – Ideas are money in seed form. Leaving seed to languish in the dark can be costly.  There’s a number of options you might consider for mining the undeveloped ideas in your own life that you’ve over-looked, including coaching and participating in a MasterMind group.

3. Physical Assets – Look for underperforming assets or something that has used up its useful life. Break it down into the basic components and see what new combinations can be made from those components.

4. People – It’s likely there are people in every organization who aren’t doing what they’re best at. Good communication and discernment regarding the gifts and talents of those we work with can multiply the productivity of a team.

Take inventory of your assets – we’re in a season in which we can’t afford to be wasteful regarding resources.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

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