The Big Shift: Get in Gear

Overwhelmed by the noise?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest…. and the list keeps growing.
I laughed out loud at a comment by Guy Kawasaki, “I need another social media service like I need more email or my dog to throw up on the carpet.” (Guy wrote Enchantment – great book)

Social Media has grown like wildfire.  In fact, it’s the biggest shift since we entered the Information Age. Were you on FaceBook 5 years ago? Unless you’re under 30, probably not.
Who had even heard of Pinterest 2 years ago?

Sometimes it makes you want to stick your head in the sand.

But people are definitely connecting online through social media and that’s not going to change.

If you have a message, product or service, you MUST  have a steady source of new people who want what you have. The critical thing is where to find those people.

The answer? Online. People hang out online.

Facebook usage is up 40% since last year.  65 million Facebook Users access the site through their mobile phones.
34% of bloggers post opinions about products and brands.  15% of bloggers spend 10 or more hours blogging each week.
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the web. And of course, the facts stream on as fast as a Twitter feed.

In spite of this,  too many authors, speakers, service professionals and business owners don’t know how to use social media effectively. So they tell themselves it’s a waste of time.

That’s defintely putting your head in the sand – and that has never proven to be an effective strategy.

If you want to do something about it, join me for Social Media Madness Made Simple & Sane
It will be the best $99 you’ve EVER spent on advertising.

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