Of Blogs, Vlogs and Thogs

Blogging started out as an online journal, as defined by the word derived from combining “Web Log”. Then we got the term “Vlog” when YouTube got hot and video clips became popular.  Video Log = Vlog. So what are we going to call the new trend with making quotes into visuals that has gotten hot along with Pinterest? Thogs? (Thought logs)

P.S. I must admit I had fun creating this one from a photo I snapped in St. Lucia a few years back. It’s pretty and fits the thought about difficulties and challenges. We swam around this point and the current was ferocious. : )

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2 Comments on “Of Blogs, Vlogs and Thogs”

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  2. Julianna Says:

    Doesn’t it always give you a smile from ear to ear when you send a question out into the Universe and the answer comes to you in unexpected wonderful places? … like your Blog! Earlier today I was telling one of my older family members that I started writing on a “blog” and they didn’t know what I was saying … and I had to admit – I hate the word, couldn’t “they” have come up with a better term?? and what the heck does it mean anyway?? … and here you are with the answer at 3am Pittsburgh, PA time 🙂 and spreading the good cheer and inspiration too! Shine ON!

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