The success of the reality TV show “Survivor”  has spawned more than a few copycat shows that pit man against nature along with a psychological battle of men and women competing against one another. I have friends who have entertained the idea of being a contestant but I’m comfortable to observe from my living room, thank you very much.

All of us have amazing abilities to survive and adapt. We use these skills every day, even if we never set foot in the jungle. These abilities have certainly been put to use the past few years as the economic volcano blew and changed the landscape of our lives, jobs, businesses and home ownership, thus affecting relationships and everything else.

The science of how the brain copes with change reveals that all of us create mental maps. It is a psychological process that develops as we mature – children don’t have it.

Adults, on the other hand, have strong mental maps that chart our understanding of where we are in reference to where we are going. Vision and goal-setting exercises are known to pull us into the future that we can design. Our  capabilities to create the future through our imagination are extraordinarily powerful.

But what  happens when you lose your map or have no clue where you are? It’s downright stressful. And it’s happened to all of us.

Admitting that you are lost is difficult because having no mental map, being no place, is like having no self. Without a mental map, people become very disoriented and begin to deteriorate rapidly. We’ve all seen people have a total meltdown when they’ve lost a job or gotten a divorce.

The good news? If your old map got blown away in a storm, you can make a new map. I’m an experienced mapmaker  – more often known as a business coach – and am glad to share my tools and knowledge.  There is adventure and award ahead.
Never underestimate the heart of a champion – and you are one.

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