Learning How to Breathe

A breath of fresh air.

The breath of life.

A deep breath.

You’re probably thinking, “I know how to breathe”. Of course you do – you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t breathing. But there’s such a thing as strategic breathing.

Like today when my friend delivers her 9 pound baby through a 10 centimeter canal. Oxygen to the baby is critical and thus the breathing of the mother in labor is vitally important. Birthing classes teach you how to breathe so you can reduce fear, reduce pain (oxygen-starved muscles HURT) and deliver a healthy baby.

It takes concentrated, synchronized breathing to push a baby out. There’s nothing easy about it. But ask any mother, is it worth it? What a ridiculous question. There’s no measure of how much it’s worth it.

So how are you doing with giving birth to your dreams and plans? Are you surrounded by people who are encouraging you? Have you made measureable progress? Is it time to push?

I sometimes hesitate to tell others I’m a marketplace midwife. Because I don’t only work with women and it’s a pretty graphic image when you visualize childbirth. But the world is waiting for that which is inside of you to be expressed. I’m trained to help you bring it forth.

If this speaks to you, click HERE for details on the Summer Strategy.

Now, take a deep breath, it’s good for you. And say a prayer for my friend who’s in the labor room. She’s got a big job to do but the miracle is about to happen. And yours can too.

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