About Me

Beverly LewisSpeaker, writer, entrepreneur, executive trainer, business coach and consultant. That’s who I am  on my resume. I take joy in being a wife, mother, new grandmother, musician, avid reader and connoisseur of life. My blog is intended to let you get to know me.

Some nouns I have heard  used to describe me  include: Mountain Climber, Kingdom Builder, Marketplace Midwife, Merchant of Hope, Joyologist, CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), Cheerleader, Serial Entrepreneur, Master Communicator, Thought Leader, Innovator, Mentor, Teacher, Indefatigable Optimist.

Some adjectives I often hear to describe me include: Energetic, Joyful, Visionary, Young-at-Heart, Easily Entertained, Relentless, Diligent, Resolute, Bold.
You are welcome to add to these lists in the comment section.

I hope you will take the time to leave a comment and let this be a dialogue. I’d like to know you too! You can reach me by email : beverly at beverlyspeaks.com
For more information, visit my website at: http://beverlyspeaks.com

Note: I happen to share a name with the author of over 60 books, mostly about the Amish (including The Secret). However, I’m not THAT Beverly Lewis. I’m thinking about adding my middle name to the mix, as in Beverly Dru Lewis, to differentiate myself.  If I’m going to be mistaken for someone else, at least she’s a lovely lady to share a name with.


5 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Elly Says:

    when is the next book coming out after Secrets & Missing, and what is the name? I have moved from Mo to Az and am having a hard time finding your books.
    Love, love, love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sue Brown Says:

    I just finished the book (The Secret) It leaves you with many unanswered question. It is the first of your books I have read. Does it continue in another book to follow? If so I would like to know the title and date of release? I truly enjoyed this one and love to read about the Amish people.
    Thanks Sue from Alabama

  3. I just finished your book Secret and sure hope there is a follow up. You just can’t leave us hanging and trying to figure out what happens to all in your story. I have read many of your books, but this one is special.
    Thanks for your wonderful books. Dolores from Minnesota

  4. norma taylor-harris Says:

    I just completed THE TELLING as always i enjoyed and
    are inspired by all your books. However in the telling
    i can related to more personally. i have a friend going thru detox for cancer..if possible can you share
    the type of veg or/and fruit drinks you combine together,expecially the green breakfast drink.

    May God bless you as you continue to touch the heart
    of people everywhere.

  5. Cool Beverly. Lovely to catch up with you. I popped over from your Daffodils blog.

    I was just browsing through some of my old posts and I came across your link and a note with the quote you found once inside your grandmother’s Bible:

    “He sets my life to song, and gives my heart dancing shoes.” Louise Brooks Ruthing

    I’m excited to see your new ventures…. and I watched the video too about catching the thermals!

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