The S’more Factor

Jillian Michaels claims to be TV’s toughest fitness trainer. I claim the part-time college student who teaches cardio at my local gym is more effective.  How’s that?

When Jillian shouts her commands at me during the “90 Day Shred” routine, I often mouth off right back at her and ignore her instructions. From the comfort of my living room. However, when in a group of my peers with an inexperienced young trainer barking instructions, I will work until I almost pass out to avoid “losing face” in class. Go figure.

I call it the “S’more Factor”. It’s when you reach into yourself and find strength and knowledge you didn’t even know  were there; when you’ve given all you have and then somehow squeeze out some more.  It defines that reserve of energy, creativity and potential that’s tapped when we experience the power of teaming. This is at the core of elite military teams, firefighters, athletic teams and excellent  marketing teams.  It’s why people hire trainers and coaches – a truly effective leader is one who’s able to bring out the best in others.

The other aspect of the S’more Factor is the unique flavor when several good components come together and the blend results in something remarkable. Teaming at it’s best is the “S’more Factor” in action.

Click Here for an Opportunity to Be a Part of Team of Visionary Leaders who want S’more by creating their own team with a mighty ROAR. Note the mp3 that’s available on this week’s Tele-Seminar: “Creating a Team that Roars.”

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One Comment on “The S’more Factor”

  1. That is SO TRUE! I can remember back in the 80s when I used to have this “Buns of Steel” video (yeah, VIDEO!), I used to get SOOOOOO irritated when he said this one line: “Come on, squeeeeeeze out those cheeseburgers!” It was the repetition, hearing it over and over again. As that moment came up, I would start to get overwhelmed by blinding rage until it got to the point I had to just throw the video away 🙂

    I definitely work harder when I have someone to compete against. And when I’m out for a run on my own, and I’m trying to pull “Smore” out of myself, I actually think soldiers in boot camp to remind myself that what I’m doing is really not so hard after all!

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